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Awesome class would recommend it to everyone interested in getting more involved.

It was great?  Really enjoyed this COPE School.

Well done!

I would recommend this course to every Member of COPE 397 who is interested in getting more involved.  Stewardship is going to be rewarding as I will get the chance to enact change and help other Members.

The course this time around contained more one on one situations (examples) for how to better face management and control the management/employee meetings.

Learned how to handle myself better at these meetings.

Overall learned lots and can't wait to learn more.

Great school!

Enjoyed the School.  Thank you both sooo much.  Lunches were Amazing.

Very informative session.  Happy to attend something else in future.

I was apprehensive about coming, but I am glad that I did.  I enjoyed my time here.

Would love to see a yearly meeting that would act as a refresher or an update at bargaining.

Thank you.

This was outstanding.  Rhonda had the full attention of the room at all times.

I really enjoyed going to the 2 day long Steward School for COPE 397.  At this school we learned how to face mamagement, interpret the collective agreement, and the struggles faced by workers.  We watched a video from CUPW from the 1980s, where the postal workers were resisting the contracting out of their jobs by Canada Post.  I found it interesting that all these decades later, workers are still fighting the contracting out of services.  I enjoyed meeting new people, and seeing new activists engage with the labour movement.  I hope that many of our new stewards will remain involved in our union.