COPE School Basic 2018

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As part of our ongoing commitment to our Members we are pleased to once again offer COPE School. We will have a Basic class from Tuesdsay, March 27 toThursday, March 29, 2018.

COPE Local 397 is a diverse, progressive, Member-driven organization that protects Members’ rights and empowers them to unite for better workplaces, communities and society as a whole. It has been said many times that next to our Members themselves our Stewards are the most important asset to our organization. COPE School is the support we offer to the Stewards and those with an interest and desire to become stronger Members and gain a better understanding of the Union and the work we do for our Members. The Basic class will provide you with training on a diverse range of topics that includes communication skills, facing management and labour legislation.

Our facilitators make the school successful with their knowledge and experience in workplace rights and responsibilities. This year’s facilitators are Rhonda Derby and Cory Szczepanski.

It is the goal of COPE Local 397 to ensure that all of our Stewards take the Basic School and then the Advanced. We will offer the Advanced School in the fall.

We strongly urge you to register for this School if you are an existing Steward that has not taken the Basic School in the last year, if you have an interest in becoming a Steward, if you want to know about your Union or are a long-time activist. We are offering a safe and positive learning environment to give you confidence in being a Union Activist for the benefit of our Members and yourself.

We have many areas that do not have Stewards and are looking for Members to fill these rolls.

We are limiting this class to 25 participants so get your application in as soon as possible. The deadline for registering is March 5, 2018.

Contact the Union Office if you have any questions about being a Steward or our upcoming school.

See you at COPE School!

In Solidarity,

Kim Wilson

The School offers Basic Steward Training and will be of special interest to:
• All Stewards and/or Officers
• Members thinking of becoming more active in our Union

Highlights – Basic Steward School:
• Improving Communications Skills
• The 6 Ws
• 1st Step Grievance Handling
• Facing Management
• Review Steward Fact Sheet
• Taking Good Notes
• Steward Networking

Registration forms must be completed and returned to the Union Office no later than March 5, 2018.

» Steward School 2018 - Information Brochure
» Steward School 2018 - Registration Form