SDLC Summer Snack Program

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The Summer Snack Program originated in 1988 when two teachers realized that while children can be served by school nutrition programs during the school year, during the summer months there were no programs to provide a critical service like that during the summer months.  They approached the Saskatoon and District Labour Council (SDLC) and the SDLC created the Summer Snack Program.  The Program provides healthy lunches to children who would otherwise not have anything to eat.

The program is funded by donations from unions, businesses, people and in recent years the sale of trip of the month lottery tickets.  In 2017 the program ran 7 days a week, serving lunches at 6 Saskatoon parks were the need for this program is apparent, as well as serves lunch at numerous summer programs.  They served almost 9000 lunches over the summer in 2017, and more in 2018.

COPE 397 allowed me to spend some time with this program, and I found the experience to be very rewarding.  On the first day I got to cut cucumbers and watermelon to prepare to serve the kids in the parks.  The kids were very appreciative of this.

On the 2nd day we made cookies for the kids, and I got to serve Pleasant Hill, and Confederation Parks.  I was assigned sandwich duty, which caused both the kids and the wasps to swarm me looking for jam sandwiches.

On the 3rd day I was joined by some volunteers from a summer volunteering program.  Many of these volunteers were exchange students from Japan.  Over a cup of chocolate milk, the children enjoyed them sharing their stories from back home and what school life is like for them compared to students here.

Thank you COPE 397 for allowing me to work with this program.

Nathan Schneider