SaskCrowns Regina - Day of Action - October 14, 2017

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SaskCrowns Regina



Hello COPE 397,

Join us for a Day of Action right here in Regina on Saturday, October 14th. Help us collect petition signatures to make sure we get to have our say on the Crowns!

We'll be meeting at the SGEU Hall at 12pm Saturday (1011 Devonshire Drive N, Regina -- Google Map Here). We'll get a briefing and then head out to hit the doors.

Dress warmly!

As a thank-you, food will be provided to the volunteers.

To RSVP, click on the link to the Facebook event below!





Free this Wednesday morning? Join us for the final Wednesday Regina Farmer's Market, 9am to 1pm at the corner of Lorne & 12th. Bring your clipboard!


Help our campaign GROW

Please forward this email to anyone you may think might be interested in helping out with the campaign here in Regina -- They could be Crown employees, concerned citizens, good-government activists, anti-cuts campaigners, union members, friends and family, the guy down the street, and anyone else! Click here to pass it on!

If you've received this email and would like to sign up for updates and hear about ways to get involved, click here.

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What is the SaskCrowns campaign? In response to the Sask Party's Bill 40, which lets the government sell off up to 49% of any crown corporation without a referendum, a group of concerned citizens has come together to campaign to make sure Saskatchewan people get to have a say before any percentage of our Crown Corps are sold off or wound down.

To do this, we have set up a petition under the Referendum and Plebiscite Act, to force the government to hold a vote on our Crowns. To force the vote, we must collect 125,000 signatures across Saskatchewan -- and all must be on paper.

If you've signed an online petition, or a "Save SaskTel" petition, it won't count for our campaign's goal -- forcing the Sask Party government to hold a vote on the crowns.

We have had lots of support in Regina (including in Sask Party-held constituencies!), but we need to reach as many people as possible before our Crowns are sold off.

Our Crowns -- SaskTel, SGI, SaskPower, and the rest -- are important public services that deliver millions of dollars in dividends to the General Revenue Fund every year, and create good jobs right here in Saskatchewan. They also help keep our rates lower compared to other provinces. In a changing world, they give us a lever of control over key industries.

Let's make sure they keep delivering for Saskatchewan people by staying 100% public. Download & Print the Petition Here


Thank you in advance for your help with the campaign.


Christopher Strain
Regina Organizer, Sask Crowns Campaign




Don't keep it a secret. Please pass this email on to your friends, colleagues and family.