AFL 50th Constitutional Convention

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Alberta Federation of Labour
50th Constitutional Convention

This is OUR TIME
Unions’ & Alberta’s Progressive Future

April 27-30, 2017
In attendance:  277 delegates, 1 alternate, 85 guests, 23 observers, 2 media

Attachments:  2017 Convention Issue Primers
                        Resolutions and Disposition of Resolutions on the Order Paper

Guest Speakers:


    1. The Alberta Federation of Labour will amend Article 1.10.6 of its constitution to read: (c) The Alberta Federation of Labour shall pay for all the associated costs incurred by committee delegates, including travel, lost wages and per diem.
      CUPE Local 38

    1. The Alberta Federation of Labour will amend Article 1.13.2(b) of its constitution to read: (b) Political Action Fund – Each affiliated union, branch, lodge shall be encouraged to pay before the last day of July each year beginning 2015, the amount of up to three dollars (3.00) per member per year to be used for political, advocacy and engagement work designed to create a more worker-friendly governments and public policies.
      CUPE Local 38


Honorable Mentions:

I am a union worker and I shall not undermine the welfare of my fellow brothers and sisters. Canadian working people laboured too long and too hard for me to destroy their gains by purchasing non-union.

I am a union family person who has been blessed with a decent living. I have come to enjoy the better things because of the devotion, dedication, and the desire of those before me who laboured to provide a standard of living unparalleled in the world. I shall not destroy atl their efforts and render helpless all the causes they so earnestly fought to win for workers.

I am a trade unionist and refuse to reward those who have opposed my existence and way of life. I will not permit my union-earned dollars to penetrate the walls of those establishments where a union card is the same as a "No Vacancy" or "Not Welcome." As a person who believes in the dignity and rights of people, before I buy I shall look for the union label, shop card, store card or service button. In so doing I will strengthen the security of men and women who believe as I do in the goals of a free labour movement.

I am a member of organized labour and will never forget that I would not be able to purchase the amount of products t do without a union job and, therefore, common sense and a deep commitment to the ideals of our movement demand that I purchase those products which will further our cause.

I will support and strengthen my fellow brothers and sisters by using a simple tool - the label golden rule "Buy union products and use union services as you would have union wages paid unto you!"


2017 AFL Convention BUY CANADIAN


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